Fix: Android Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume

android disable absolute Bluetooth volume

Android devices are famous for their easy use and customization ability. Moreover, absolute Bluetooth volume is an essential feature in android. In addition, if you want solution for android to disable absolute Bluetooth volume, then you need to follow some steps.

The majority of android phones are enabled with this feature, so if you are caring android six or above, this feature will be present in your device. Of course, with one volume control, you can command the volume of two devices like your phone and Bluetooth.

Suppose you enjoy your favorite retro roms game and suddenly the audio loud from your Bluetooth piece. Thus it would be best if you disabled absolute Bluetooth volume. But initially, we will know what absolute Bluetooth volume is and how it works?

Things you need to know about absolute Bluetooth volume:

In simple words, you can say your phone’s volume controls the volume of your Bluetooth speakers. So to change the volume, you do not use manually physical buttons of your Bluetooth device.

If you are facing any hindrance in your Bluetooth device end that moment when your kids are playing karaoke game, then maybe the reason is the absolute Bluetooth volume of your android device.

In fact, it is a vice versa thing like you can control your speaker’s volume by using your phone’s volume, or even you can control your phone’s volume by using your Bluetooth device. In this tech world, many gadgets are changing people’s life.

Bluetooth is best in its functions, and after releasing android 6.0, the whole game in the android industry is changed now. The feature helps you sync the volume of two devices by using a single feature.

You can control the volume of the android device and Bluetooth headset in one stroke.

Many people want to enjoy their lovely soundtracks privately so they can use Bluetooth devices to listen to music.

Is there any effect on Bluetooth volume?

It has long been believed that Bluetooth headsets rely solely on the connected device for the volume they project. However, due to recent technological advances and driver adjustments within certain headphones, it is now possible to modify the broadcast volume of a Bluetooth headset. This allows users to adjust their headphone experience according to their environment or preference.

Additionally, some pairing devices allow users further control over Bluetooth audio output, allowing them to set default volume levels appropriate for their needs and comfort and individual channel balance. With these simple steps, it is clear that Bluetooth audio can easily tune for maximum sound quality and convenience.

Therefore if you want to get premium results on Bluetooth, you need to disable the feature. Indeed it will help you to customize volume by your own choice.

What is an android device manager?

In android devices, absolute Bluetooth volume works for a user to control the volume of connected Bluetooth and volume of the android device at the same time.

The physical volume controls available on your connected Bluetooth are not necessary to use.

In android users, this feature is prevalent because you can change your phone’s volume by using your Bluetooth. So this feature is a requirement and need of today’s life. 

Now the question is why you need android to disable absolute Bluetooth volume. Because some glitches on your phone can change the audio loudly, it can be an embarrassing moment for you.

Why do you need android to disable absolute Bluetooth?

Because Bluetooth technology allows devices to connect wirelessly, it can lead to issues with nearby electronics if the connections are not established correctly. This can hinder efficiency in the home or workplace.

Thankfully, Android provides an easy way to ensure that all Bluetooth connections are secure without sacrificing the convenience these types of connections bring. By disabling absolute Bluetooth on an Android device, users can rest assured they will not encounter any connection-related issues while still being able to use their favorite Bluetooth-enabled products.

Malfunctioning of this feature cause problem in connected Bluetooth because so many devices have not capable of syncing with the phone.

Users cannot find it easy to disable the feature under the developer options, so here we will guide you on how to disable absolute Bluetooth volume android.

How can I Disable Absolute Bluetooth Volume on Android?

By using the options of the developer you can disable the feature. These steps mentioned blew down. Just see and follow the process.

Under developer, the option is usually present in your Android system settings. However, it may depend on how you personalize your android phone.

  • You need to visit to the settings tab on the android device.
  • Move to about phone option.
goto about phone option
  • Here you will find the build number of the android device.
  • At this time, click on this number 7 times repeatedly.
click 7x build number

Now here you enable the developer option successfully. Just go to system settings and enable the feature of android settings by some simple steps. Now move on to the following steps to find the absolute Bluetooth volume feature.

  • Click on android settings in your phone.
  • Look for developer option and hit on it by using your finger.
go to developer option
  • Your next step is to move on to the networking section of your device.
  • Here you will click the option to disable absolute volume. Usually, this feature will toggle to OFF by default in the system.
  • Now you have disabled the volume of the android device from the Bluetooth device.
disable absolute volume button

Indeed you can do up and down the volume of your Bluetooth headset device on your own. Both devices now have function separately in the volume feature.

Personalize Volume Feature On Your Device

After disabling the absolute volume feature, you can personalize your device volume. Now you can increase and decreases the volume of any device.

Now you can control media volume and playback volume as per your choice. Furthermore, no glitch or malfunction will disturb you when you want to relax your mood by listing your favorite number.

However, it is recommended that if you do not face any problem, then never disable this feature because many modern devices are compatible with this fantastic feature.

What are the benefits of android disabling absolute Bluetooth volume?

People think that disable absolute volume is not a good exercise because volumehandling inBluetooth can be tricky, and not everyone does this job.

Not every Bluetooth device is made for absolute Bluetooth volume. When you connect them with your android device, you can face audio problems.

Therefore to avoid such irritating things, you need to disable absolute Bluetooth volume on your device and adjust the volume by yourself.


If you disable absolute Bluetooth volume on android, then you can manage the volume in your own way. In fact, you can increase and decrease your phone’s volume and connect Bluetooth devices by yourself. Now the volume decision is in your hand to manage it as per your mood and surroundings.

  • Unlink your Bluetooth headset.
  • Open the setting app and move to settings.
  • Search for the developer option in setting tab and click on it.
  • Go to the networking portion by scrolling down.
  • Here you need to find disable absolute Bluetooth volume settings.
  • Now press this setting ON, and your device will disable from absolute Bluetooth volume

By default, in android devices, this feature “absolute volume” is ON. By using this feature, you can simultaneously control your android device and Bluetooth headset’s volume. Since it is a good and helpful feature, it sometimes causes problems in Bluetooth headsets. Thus many users want to disable this feature on their devices. Although it is a little bit tricky but you can disable it on your device by control your device volume.


You need to go through the whole process that we explained before to fix the issue, android disable absolute Bluetooth volume. Absolute Bluetooth volume is a valuable feature for android users because they can handle two devices using one feature. But due to some problems, Bluetooth is not compatible with android, and users face problems using this feature in Bluetooth devices. So we can understand your problem and give you an authentic solution that will help you customize your device volume by yourself.

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