Best Retro Roms Android Games of 2023

If you love to play vintage games on your android device, then Retro roms android is the best choice. To recall your childhood memory, you can download ROMs on your android and get the experience of nostalgic memories of old games.

In the past, you definitely played different consoles like Super Nintendo. Still, you can play these retro games right now on your mobile. Sometimes Android devices show the error of system UI not responding during the game but now the system is updated so that you can Retro games. Furthermore, you can bring back the atmosphere of these retro games with golden childhood memories. And also make new memories by playing games like summertime.

retro roms android

In the article, we will compile a list of the best Retro roms android for your android device.

What is a retro emulator?

An emulator for Sega Genesis and Master System allows the player to play all games from these two consoles on your android device. Remember one thing that retro emulators do not have any ROMs, so first, you need to download the ROMs from a different website.

The whole process is must if you want to play a retro game on your android device. On the other hand, unzip it to start the game but you need to download and install first. The retro emulator comes with fewer configurations. In contrast, you will have fewer options to customize your game. But if you download a ROM, you can play the game immediately.

With the help of this emulator, you can load your favorite game and play for hours to kill your free time. The retro emulator is a good emulator that can help you to play nostalgic childhood games with a fantastic experience on your android phone. 

Best Retro Roms Android

We know very well that gamers played their games on the console before smartphones. Many of us still remember the warmth of these retro games. So if you want to bring back these days, you can see our list. Hit your favorite retro roms android and enjoy a fantastic experience on a smart device with the help of ROM.

1. Road Rash Retro ROM

road rash retro rom

In, the 90s, most gamers played road rash games. In fact, the best vintage game for all genders and ages belongs to racing. It is a combat motorcycle race where you have to win with your best stunts.

The racing tracks are just for winners so play all these high-difficulty races with your tricks and tactics. Furthermore, road rash is based on armed and unarmed races, so you need to play well to get the victory.

Electronics art published the game in September 1991. With its best features, it grabbed the great attention of the gaming community when publishers realized that games need to be spread on other platforms and systems.

However, Road Rash Retro ROM is one of the best software that can help you play this game smoothly on your smartphones.

Of course, you need an emulator like Sega Genesis to play the game on an android device. To take first step you need to download and install the Sega Genesis emulator. After that, download the ROM file. Now load the file into the emulator and play this racing combat on your device.

2. The Legend Of Zelda

Legend of zelda retro rom

The best game from the past is The Legend Of Zelda. If you like an adventure with high fantasy, it is a must on your list. Princess Zelda creates different avatars with magical powers, and players will amuse by her tricks.

The game is full of actions, adventure, puzzles, and combat battles. Unlimited features will remain constant in the game when players play the series. You will find many areas, characters, and locations with cruel enemies in the game.

The game is an excellent presentation of Nintendo.

Many features of this game become a pro in a handful of features. The gaming industry has picked many features from this game. So if you like it to play on your android device, just download an emulator and ROM so that you can easily play this series.

You have to install Super Nintendo (SNES) Emulator with ROM and get unlimited fun for the game.

3. Super Mario Advance ROM

super mario advance retro rom

In the retro game list, you will find this game on top. For NES, Nintendo made this exciting game series. The game is based on a fictional atmosphere where a mascot, Mario, goes around in a mushrom kingdom.

Your character will play, jump and battle with enemies on different levels. In this game, when you win different levels than in the form of rewards, you get many powers and lives.

These rewards will increase your powers against your opponents. Indeed the best game for youngsters and other ages. Thus if you want to play it, you need to install retro ROM first.

A retro game with unique features is also a blessing for many players who want to play retro games on their devices in this modern gaming world.

So Gameboy Advance or GBA emulator is the best emulator with ROM. After installing this, you can play adventures game to get the pleasure of the old days.

4. Donkey Kong Country

donkey kong contry rom

An ape named Donkey Kong is the main character of thisgame. In the arcade category, the game was released in 1981 and then in 1994.

In this action game, the rivalry starts for position and power. They used manyweapons from the jungle against their enemies and tried to save the jungle.

Hero with his clan tried to get the power for the sake of the jungle.

 During the game, you will enjoy many moments. With SNES Emulator, you can download the ROM and start a series of adventures and unlimited fun.

5. Duck Hunt Retro ROM

duck hunt retro rom android

If you like shooting games, you will definitely love this game. This video game is based onLight gun shooting. Developer Nintendo released it in 1984 on Nintendo Entertainment System. We need a CRT television monitor connected with an NES Zapper to play the game. You can hunt them down and get points when you see ducks on the screen.

This multi-level game will become more difficult after every success. You can start shooting when you allow hitting these ducks. After hunting down, you collect points and move to another level.

 Remember that the difficulty level will be high after every move, and points will also increase for your victory. It can work best with NES Emulator with ROM. Thus download the required things and play this retro game for fantastic pleasure and fun.

6. Mortal Kombat

mortal kombat retro android

This will be the best game released by Midway Games In 1992 for SNES for retro lovers.The game is a fighting game, and here you will see a fight between good and evil powers. A monk name was Liu Kang tried his best to save the land from evil wizard Shang Tsung. Between both of them, a tournament was held named Mortal.

Kombat. In the game, you will start a PVP war. During this war, the player needs to damage another player, and those who did this first will go to the next round. With two victories, you can win the game.

You will love the game’s unique characteristics, five-button control scheme, and extraordinary moves. Moreover, you can use the joystick to play some special moves that can change the whole game in favor of you.

 With a combination ofSNES Emulator and ROM, you can start a match, show your skills to others, and save your land from evil powers.

7. Super Metroid

super metroid retro rom

Super Metroid is the third part of the Metroid series. In 1994 Nintendo released this game for SNES. This fictional game will catch your interest because, on zebes planet, you will search Metroid, which pirates have stolen.

For this reason, you will go into this big open-ended world by using many doors and elevators. However, many places on these planets are joined together, so you need to control your character to find the right place in the proper direction.

By using the Sega Genesis emulator with ROM, you can win this game and find the Metroid from the leader of pirates.

8. Final Fantasy

final fantasy retro rom

In 2003 Square Enix released the game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance gaming console. You need to play tactics in the game because it is a tactical role-playing game.

 The player needs to gather a clan of many characters and control them on the battlefield. Here you need to play good tactics with your army and defeat your opponent. 

For the new generation, the game is similar to the clash of clans. Of course, here, you can gather troops, train them and start a battle with many tactics for victory. The Gameboy emulator is best for this retro game indeed with ROM.

9. Outrun

retro rom android outrun racing

In 1986 Sega developed this game for race lovers. The game is famous for its unique graphics, selectable audio tracks, and hardware. During the game, players will find many hurdles and heavy traffic.

But your aim should be to reach the destination and victory, bypassing all these problems. Players compete not only for other players but also for curves, dips, and road crests.

Drive well and avoid all problems that you face during your driving. Against the timer, you need to reach your finish line as soon as possible. With the Sega Genesis emulator, you can do this difficult work easily.

10. Sonic the Hedgehog 3

sonic the hedgehog 3 retro rom

Sega made this Japanese game in 1991 against Nintendo’s mascot Mario. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is based on a mascot character. Your character will jump different levels and platforms in the game with a high jump.

 Along with this, your character will fight, jumping many obstacles and hurdles with speed.Many of us will remind this game as a childhood memory. Rom and Sega Genesis emulator will bring a retro feeling to players if they try this game on their android device.

Your character needs to collect golden rings that will spare in the whole game, and you need to find them for your victory.

How to download and install retro games ROMs on android

The downloading process is not hectic, and anyone can perform this process.

  • Using the Google play store, you need to download a suitable emulator for android.
  • Search a website for the ROM file and download it.
  • Now you need to unzip the file.
  • Start the emulator, and then select the option “open ROM.”
  • Detect downloaded ROM on your device.
  • Now you can play retro games after launching it.

Some Android Emulator

You can connect a Bluetooth controller with your device and attach the device to the big screen. Simple play the game and enjoy your childhood memories. There are some android emulators that you can use if you want to play retro games on android.

  1. Super Nintendo
  2. Nintendo DS
  3. PlayStation Portable
  4. PS1


First, you need to install a retro arch on android because it will give you access to all emulators that you need to use. When you download the classic game ROMs, you can play any retro game on android. Connect it with a controller and play your exciting games on your android device.


After reading this article, you will know very well about Retro roms android that you can use to play retro games on android. These Retro roms android are linking you with the past so you can enjoy the old games on your latest device with some changes.

The above-provided list will make it easy for you to decide what will be the best emulator and ROM for your device. In the final verdict, I must say that you will enjoy your childhood memories with new devices and technology. So enjoy your today with a combination of your past.

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