13 Best Karaoke Games Variations For Your Party 2023

Are you looking for a new way to bring family and friends together at your next party or gathering? Karaoke is the perfect solution! From classic karaoke games where everyone takes turns singing, to modern variations that pull together music trivia with dancing and lip sync battles – group karaoke is one of the best ways to help the party laugh and have fun.

Whether your budget allows for renting an actual karaoke machine or you’re looking for free online resources – this list of exciting karaoke games will provide hours of entertainment that everyone can enjoy! 

Keep reading to discover some great ideas to turn your next get-together into an amazing sing-along experience.

karaoke games to play

Rules Of Karaoke Games:

  • You will need a karaoke machine and some music to go with it. You can rent both from a store or borrow one from someone if you don’t have them. Make sure the microphone and volume is not disable and  in good working order before using it.
  • Prepare the game by picking songs that everyone enjoys singing and make sure there are enough for everyone to take turns throughout the night.

  • The judges are responsible for scoring performances based on factors such as vocal techniques, showmanship, and entertainment value.

  • Have prizes ready in advance to give out at the end as prizes for whoever comes out on top.

  • Last but not least, get everyone ready to sing by setting up the area and playing some music as people arrive.

  • Have plenty of beverages on hand too so no one gets thirsty mid-performance! Now you’ll be all set to enjoy a fun night of karaoke competition with family and friends!

Best Variations Of Karaoke Games:

1. The Singing Karaoke Game:

The singing game is a fun and creative way to get children of all ages engaged in music. Begin by creating a circle with everyone participating, either on the floor or standing. Have each participant choose two to three words that they’d like to use in the song and have them repeat their choices in sequence until everyone has completed their turn. 

Now it’s time for the fun part: 

  • Sing your song! Encourage the group to be creative by adding beats, rhythms or other elements of improvisation as you go along. 
  • You’ll likely find that the group will come up with some entertaining surprises as they craft their unique tune. 
  • When everyone is ready, have them all sing together while laughing and having fun.

karaoke singing

2. Name that Tune:

Name that Tune is a classic game everyone loves to play. All you need for a fun time and some friends, a list of songs, and knowledge of the tunes! 

Before starting: 

  • Each person writes down 3-5 song titles from any artist and genre they can think of. 
  • After all selected songs have been written down, pick one player to act as the leader, who will be playing the music excerpts. 
  • At the sound of each song or instrumental piece, participants guessed the title with their answers being noted by the leader. 
  • Whoever has guessed the most songs correctly wins! So grab your nearest friends and start playing Name that Tune!

3. Rock, Paper, Scissors… Karaoke!:

If you’re planning a fun-filled karaoke night with your buddies, why not give it some exciting twist by adding the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors into the mix? Rock, Paper, Scissors is an easy and engaging way to select a random person to start up the sessions.

All you need to do is: 

  • Assign each chum a hand gesture: either rock (a fist), paper (two fingers), or scissors (index and middle finger crossed). 
  • Every friend has to make their selection at the same time and then whoever throws out the winning hands will be chosen as the first soloist! 

Furthermore, this game can also be used for selecting song genres. Rock for rock music, paper for pop and country music, and scissors for hip hop and R&B—the possibilities are endless! Even better than that? By having everyone land on one of their favorite genres they’re bound to feel more confident in belting out those high notes.

rock paper karaoke

4. Heads Up! Karaoke:

Ready to show off your singing skills? Heads Up! Karaoke is the perfect place for you, no matter your level of experience. Hosted in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, this event is sure to help you build confidence in your vocal abilities.

How to play: 

  • Participants will be randomly assigned a song, giving everyone an equal chance at singing superstardom. 
  • Then, with backing music and their own voice, they’ll take their performance to the stage! 
  • Whether it’s an old classic or a more contemporary tune, anyone can have fun at Heads Up! Karaoke.

5. Lip Sync Battle:

Lip sync battles are all the rage among teens, but everyone can join in on the fun.

To get started:

  • You’ll just need two or more participants and some music. 
  • The first step is to choose your song – it should be a classic that will both performers and onlookers alike singing along and having a great time. 
  • Next, each participant needs to practice and perfect their lip sync routine. 
  • When they’re both ready, the battle begins! 
  • At the end of the battle, the spectators vote on who put on the best show – they can look out for creative choreography or daring songs as factors when making their decision.  

Lip sync battles are an enjoyable way to have some fun and test your acting skills at the same time!

lip sync game

6. Karaoke Roulette Game:

If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to entertain your guests, why not consider Karaoke Roulette?

This game is easy to play:  

  • Players take turns selecting songs from a song book or video jukebox.
  •  The selected player then spins a wheel and the resulting “roulette” indicates whether the player should sing solo or as part of a group. 
  • For an added element of fun, you can also add surprises and props like karaoke hats and scarves! 

It’s a great activity for parties of all ages that will have your friends singing and reminiscing in no time at all!

7. Karaoke Parody:

Creating a karaoke parody is as easy as following a few simple steps.

Get started: 

  • Pick a song that everyone will know and enjoy – something they can sing along to. 
  • Then, come up with your own unique lyrics that parody the original song. 
  • When writing the new lyrics, focus on humor and make sure to choose topics that are interesting for those participating in the karaoke game. 
  • If you need help with new lyrical ideas, you can search for helpful resources online or listen to other parody songs for inspiration. 

With these easy tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a parody that people will love and remember long after the singing stops.

8. Music Quiz Karaoke Games:

Have you ever wanted to test your music knowledge and challenge yourself? Then a music quiz might be just the thing! There are many different ways to create and execute a music quiz.

How to play:

  • You can make it as challenging or as easy as you like when choosing the songs and artists for the questions. 
  • Different types of Spotify playlists, for instance, can be used to supply questions from various genres. 
  • Once the questions have been selected, you can mix things up further by deciding on how you’d like players to answer them.
  • Hint at some of the lyrics, ask what year a song was released in, or even have a trivia round about artists’ influences. 

The possibilities are endless! Gather your friends and family together for some competitive entertainment – after all, everyone loves music!

9. Don’t Forget the Lyrics:

If you want to ace karaoke night, it’s essential that you know your song words.

Let’s start: 

  • Memorizing all of the verses can feel daunting but breaking them down into smaller parts and repeating them out loud until they become familiar is an easy-to-follow strategy. 
  • It’s also beneficial to think about the melody and how it helps highlight specific words. 
  • Before singing in front of a live audience or online livestream, make sure you practice quietly to ensure that you’ve got a firm grasp on the lyrics.  

And remember, even if you don’t know every word, have fun and keep singing along. Sometimes just knowing a few lines is enough to provide an entertaining performance!

10. Song Lyric Musical Chairs:

Song Lyric Musical Chairs is a fun and interactive game that can be adapted for any age or ability level. 

How To play: 

  • Each player is given a lyric from their favorite song and told to stand in a circle with an empty chair in the middle. 
  • On “go!”, re-arrange yourselves so that someone else gets the same lyric but nobody ends up without a chair. 
  • This continues until one person is left with no chair – to rejoin the game, they have to sing the chorus of their song lyrics! 
  • Variations on this game include trading chairs after each round, or allowing players to choose their own lyrics for an all original round.

Song Lyric Musical Chairs encourages social interaction and listening skills, as well as fosters creativity – plus it’s just plain fun! 

musical chair game

11. Rock Star Sing-Off:

Are you ready to challenge yourself to become the ultimate rock star? Sing Offs are the way to do it! A Sing Off is a friendly competition.

How to play: 

  • Two or more singers take turns competing against each other in front of an audience. 
  • To qualify, contestants must demonstrate their singing prowess and musicianship. 
  • Everyone gets a chance to show off their vocal skills as they share the spotlight with their competitors. 

Once all have had their songs heard, the crowd decides who rocks the hardest and awards scores accordingly. If you’re looking for a truly unique way to test and showcase your talent, a Sing Off might just be what you need!

12. Karaoke Scavenger Hunt:

For a unique and memorable game night, try organizing a karaoke scavenger hunt!

How to Play:

  • Gather your squad and break up into teams. 
  • Give each team clues to follow that will lead them to different locations where they can perform a karaoke song. 
  • The first team to complete all the locations wins! 
  • Get creative with the clues and pick funny songs for the teams to sing
  • Bonus points if the song relates to the clue or location. 

Don’t be afraid to get goofy, because at the end of the day it’s all about having fun together!

13. Guess Who is Singing:

The new variation of the classic karaoke game, is revolutionizing the way people play. With this innovative release, you can challenge yourself or a group of friends to see who among you knows their favorite artist best! Featuring high-quality audio tracks and an integrated scoring system.  But when you play the Guess Who is Singing game, it takes on an entirely new level! 

This fun and interactive game requires:

  • Players listen to various snippets of popular songs by some of today’s top artists and then guess who is singing. 
  • Players can begin alone or in teams, with points being awarded for correct answers.  

Filled with laughter and learning as you test your knowledge and have a blast playing one of the hottest games around! Enjoy a unique and entertaining experience with this engaging game – perfect for social gatherings from small dinner parties to larger celebrations!


There are plenty of karaoke games to choose from the next time you’re looking to spice up your party. By adding a little friendly competition, audience participation, and comedic relief, everyone is sure to have a good time. So bust out those microphones and get ready to belt out some tunes!

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