Samsung Tv Black Screen Of Death 11 Best Ways To Fix

The Samsung brand never fails to impress its users with its incredible device quality. Whether it’s their display quality, material, or screen resolution, everything is top-notch. However, there is an annoying problem which is, the Samsung Tv black screen of death. 

Whether it’s developing the latest phones or Smart tv, Samsung gives it 100% to satisfy the users’ needs. When it comes to Samsung TVs, they’re counted as one of the finest and most utilized TVs in the world. 

This problem occurs in the middle when you’re watching your favorite movies. 

samsung tv black screen of death

The screen goes completely black and keeps you from watching anything on the screen. But, the sound still works. So, what are the causes of it, and how can you fix this issue? There are 6 issues that cause this aggravating issue, that you’ll know about in this post.

But, Don’t worry as there are many easy techniques to resolve this issue. Ensure you go through the article thoroughly so you don’t miss something crucial. 

Without further lecturing, let’s head over to the topic.

About Samsung Tv Black Screen Of Death

Black screen Of death is actually an issue that occurs in Samsung TVs, that keep you watching content on TV, and the screen goes completely Black. However, this issue doesn’t affect the sound of your tv; still works. 

Also, the other functions of the tv don’t stop working too. Only your display stops producing the results because of some technical issues. It is usually while the tv is running, which makes it more irritating. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to identify the root cause of problem of tv and remotes like firestick and spectrum, and solutions are often limited to performing a factory reset or servicing the unit if it is under warranty. In that case, basic troubleshooting tactics may successfully determine what is causing the issue and resolve it once and for all.

Now, you must be thinking that what technical issues cause the Tv black screen of death?

6 Causes of Black Screen Issue?

There are many reasons that cause this problem with your tv. I’m going to mention them all in detail. SO ensure you go through each carefully.

1) The Cables Are Connected Incorrectly

When the cables, like HDMI port or other power cables, are not connected properly, this thing may cause the TV to the Black screen of death. Not only that, other power connectors or DVDs cause this issue too. 

Or, the other reason can be that the cables might have been damaged, which is why the signals are not reaching your tv. So ensure to check all of them. 

2) Input Settings Are Not Correct

A lot of people try to get into the settings of their tv without having the knowledge; they end up messing up all the input settings, which becomes the reason for the Samsung Black death of the screen. So, avoid doing anything with the settings unless it’s a necessity.

3) The Source is Corrupted

Another common reason is with the source itself. No matter how many techniques you apply, if the source itself has a problem, the tv will still be showing that issue. Because if the main source is faulty then how will the tv be able to produce the results? This may also be the thing that causes your tv this irritating issue.

4) Firmware Are Outdated

The other most common reason that causes this issue is the outdated firmware in the software. This is not a big issue though; it can easily be fixed by updating the software. More on that later ahead.

5) Faulty TV Panel

When the TV’s panel has any fault, the hardware failure occurs, making the display show the Black death of the screen. It rarely happens though, but you have to check it as well.

6) Power Saver or Sleep Timer is On

When the TV Power Saver or Sleep time is on, the Tv starts showing a black screen. You must be thinking that you didn’t enable these settings, then how did it happen? 

Someone else might have got into the settings and enabled either of the options. Also, it can sometimes occur itself. In this case, the screen goes black when the time of the power saver or sleep timer happens.

These are the causes that become the reason for this Samsung Black death of the screen. Now, how can you solve this issue?

Ways to Fix Samsung Black Screen Of Death

Luckily, there are a lot of fixes to this issue, and I’m going to tell you about all of them completely. Follow the techniques one at a time until the problem gets fixed.

1) Reset Your Tv

At times, you think that the problem is too big whereas it could only be solved by resetting the Tv. Because usually, there are bugs or viruses in the system that cause this issue. So, before you apply any of the methods, do reset your tv.

The Method

  • First of all, unplug the power cord of the TV from the power outlet, and wait for about 60 seconds.
  • And then, plug the cord back into the power outlet, and check if the issue is still having the same problem. 

2) Troubleshoot Your TV

The troubleshooting feature is one of the best when it comes to solving the vulnerabilities related to the software. And if any software-related problem is causing the issue, then the troubleshooting might help you to get rid of this problem. 

But, how can you Troubleshoot your Samsung Smart TV, you may ask. There is a very easy method to do that. I’ve seen some users who think that just turning off and on is troubleshooting. However, there is nothing like that. Follow the below-mentioned method to do it with ease.

The Method

  • unplug the power cord of the TV from the power outlet
  • And then, press and keep holding the Power Button on your tv’s remote for at least 30 seconds.
  • And then, plug the cord back into the power outlet, and check if the issue is fixed or not.

3) Connect the Cables Properly

As mentioned above, the black death of the screen on your Samsung tv can be caused by the misplaced cables. 

Check all the cables that are connected to your Tv. Make sure that external cables are correctly connected to the hub of your smart Samsung tv. If you see that the cables are loose, then disconnect them and then connect them properly again. 

All of the cables should be plugged in tightly and correctly. Don’t just check the input cables, but the power cables too, because, usually the problem is with the power cable and people just try to find the problem in input cables. 

A question may hit your mind, after connecting all the cables properly to the tv, how will you check that the cables are placed correctly? Fortunately, there is a special built-in feature in the Samsung tv that you can use to check if the cables are placed well or not. 

connect samsung cable

The Method

  • Make your way to the setting of your tv, and then click on the Support.
  • The device care option will pop up on the screen; click on it.
  • After that, hit on the Self Diagnosis and then the Signal Information. A complete history of the signals will appear on your screen, including the report of the connection. There you’ll know if some cables are misplaced, if yes, then you repeat the process again and then check the reports.

Hopefully, This method will help you to solve the problem.

4) Choose The Right Resource

There are a few changes you’re confronting this dark screen issue because you’ve picked the other source. Attempt to press the Source button given on your remote. Select the right source and actually take a look at it regardless of whether this resolves the issue.

And if still the issue didn’t get fixed, Then head over to the television settings; at that point, go to the settings and explore the Sources > Tv. Hopefully, you’ll be able to fix the issue from there. However, if the TV is still showing the black screen, then, Read on to learn other methods.

5) Turn off Sleep Timer

Usually, when you want to save your electricity, then you enable the power saving or sleep mode on your Samsung tv. This way, the background apps stop running in the background, and the electricity consumption is saved. 

Nonetheless, assuming you have enabled the sleep or power saver mode in your television, Then switching off these features might help you to fix the Black screen of death issue in your smart Samsung tv.

So, how can you turn off the Power saver or Sleep timer on your Samsung tv? The method is easy. Just follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

The Method

  • Hit the Home Button on the remote of your TV
  • Head over to the settings and click on Time.
  • And then, you’ll get an option of a Sleep timer; simply turn it off. And the sleep timer will be disabled.

Disabling The Power Saver mode

The Method

  • Open the menu of your tv using your tv’s remote
  • Flip over to the settings and then click on the Energy-saving mode.
  • And then, turn it off. 

After turning both of these options, check the issue if it’s fixed or not. The problem should be resolved after applying this technique.

6) Update To Fix Samsung TV Black Screen Of Death

The outdated setting of the display on the firmware might be the reason for causing the Samsung TV’s dark screen of death issue. 

So, updating your Tv might help you to fix the problem. Updating the tv is very easy, but the question is, how will you perform the updating process if the scene is not showing the content? 

Don’t fret; there are some ways to tackle this problem too. Usually, the Black Death of the screen is temporary. 

When you turn off the TV and open it again, the Screen starts working fine, and after some time, the screen starts having the same issue. So, when the screen is working fine, you can quickly update your tv because the process doesn’t take so much time.

The Method For Updating the TV

  • Go to the settings of your tv and then tap on Support>Software Update and then Update Now.
  • As you hit the Update now option, the Process of updating the tv will start. Don’t worry if the tv sometimes reboots during the process; it’s normal.

7) Factory Reset of Your Samsung TV

You may have done a factory reset of your phone when having any sort of virus in it or when it works slowly. Same like that, to fix the issue of the black screen of death, doing a factory reset might help, especially when the problem is in the software.

But, before you think of doing it, taking the backup of your data is ideal. Because all the data will get erased, this way, your tv will go to its default state where this annoying problem most probably would not bother you.

The Method

  • Flip over to the settings of your Tv using the Your Remote
  • Tap on the option of Support and then On the Self Diagnosis
  • There you’ll get an option of Reset, click on it and then put on the security pin option.
  • Then, hit on yes. Now, there will be some instructions shown on the screen; follow them to complete the Resetting process.

8) Input settings of the TV

Since the Samsung TVs are smart, they’re equipped with a number of different features. Sometimes, you unintentionally get into the settings and incorrect them. 

As a result, the tv starts showing you the black screen of death. So, you better set up all the settings on your tv correctly so that you can get rid of this issue. For doing that, follow the steps below noted steps.

The Method

  • Hold your remote, and press the button on the External Power Source
  • Make your way to the input settings and then check all the inputs from there.
  • And then, from there, you can setup up all the settings correctly.
  • Click on the save settings option to save the settings, and then check the issue again if it’s resolved or not.

9) Change The Batteries

batteries image

This solution might be eccentric and funny for some of you, but trust me, it has worked for a lot of people like you. 

Many people have said that they just replaced the batteries of their remote and they got rid of the black screen of death. Consider giving this method a shot; I’m sure it will surely help you to fix the issue.

10) Backlight Of Your Tv Is Faulty

Again, here is another method to shock you. The method might be funny, but it may dispense with this aggravating issue. If the Backlight of your TV has any fault or it is broken, then it can cause this sort of issue. 

So consider checking your TV’s Backlight by Turning on the television, and afterwards, take an electric lamp and hold it 1–2inches away from your screen. 

Also, if you can see a picture on your television screen (where the electric lamp is pointing), then it means that your TV’s Backlight is defective or is broken. Find a mechanics shop or Samsung administration to fix your Television.

11) Get Technical Support

I hope, after applying all of the above-mentioned steps, you’ll be able to fix this issue. However, if none of the methods works for you, the last method would be to take technical support from an expert. 

Because, despite applying all these possible ways, if the issue couldn’t get resolved, then it means there is damage to the hardware of your tv. If the damage is not visible, then it would be internally. 

You can easily get the damage fixed by taking the help of an expert. And if your tv is new, then the fee won’t be charged for the repair as your tv would be in warranty till now.

Point To Note

Hey Samsung lovers, I hope now you know how to fix the Samsung black death of screen with ease. 

Solving this problem isn’t a big deal if you apply the steps mentioned above carefully. You can try all of the methods individually until the problem gets fixed. 

I’m sure, one of the methods would help you to get rid of this issue. However, all of the methods are related to the fault in different things. Make sure, you find out the reason first and then start applying methods. 

Because of this, you’ll have a clear mind that what method you actually have to go for. All of the methods are self-tested and have worked incredibly for a lot of Samsung TV users like you. 

But, if none of the methods works, it’s better you take your TV to a professional who knows better about TVs. 

Because the chances are that the Hardware of the Tv is faulty which is causing The black death of the screen issue. 

But, if you need any help or you have any confusion about the solutions cited in this post, you can comment down below and I’ll be there to help you out.

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