HBO Max Is Not Working On Roku (Reasons and 10 Solutions)

HBO is an entertaining channel with regular movies, brand-new shows, and many drama series. Now it is available on the Roku application. However, many users complain that HBO max is not working on Roku.

Roku is a platform where you can see HBO originals, and Roku users can stream their favorite movies and programs on this app. 

Now, you can watch HBO shows and original movies on the big screen. But there is a problem HBO max is not working correctly on Roku and also seems a Roku overheating issue. It is noticed after HBO’s release on Roku’s platform.

Moreover, many subscribers who want to see HBO max on their Roku device are curious to know why HBO max is not working on Roku properly.

HBO max not working on roku

This article is for you if you are also facing this issue on your Roku device. Here we will discuss all solutions to this problem. So stay with me and find a better solution for HBO max, not playing’s movies.

Why is my HBO max not working?

1. Reunify your internet connection

Sometimes this issue resolves by checking your internet connection. Network issues are directly impacting your streaming. So check the internet connection and download speed on your roku device.

  • On your device, click the home button that will present on the Roku remote.
  • Press settings and open network where you can check connection.
  • If your roku device has good accessibility, then you can connect successfully.

2. Restart your device and HBO max 

The matter can solve by updating your Roku device and HBO max. You need to unplug the Roku device from the socket and plugin, and then turn it on after 2 to 3minutes.

This simple process can resolve your big issue in a few seconds. Along with this, check whether the issue is resolved on your roku device or not. If you face the same problem, “HBO max not working on Roku,” then move forward to the next solution.

restrat roku system

3. Streamline your roku

Streamline your roku because it is not updated with the latest version, then it may cause the issue. Without updated roku, you cannot watch your favorite HBO max programs on roku. For updating, you need to follow these crucial steps.

  • Enable the home button on the remote but first, ON the roku device. You will find a list of options now chosen settings on your screen.
  • Open the system and then go to system update. Now you can update roku if updates are available.

4. Delete and reinstall HBO max 

Along with other methods, you can use this method as well. If you are still facing the same problem, you can remove and then reinstall HBO max to see if the issue will resolve.

  • It would help if you pressed the home tab after turning on the Roku device.
  • Find streaming channels over here and click on the channel store.
  • You need to see HBO max channel in this list. After getting the channel name, click the ok button from your remote.
  • You will see the remove channel option here. Now press it for ok, and your HBO max channel will remove from the list. Now restart your roku device.
  • After it is on, you can press the home button from the remote.
  • Now open a search box and search for HBO max.
  • After adding HBO max to your channel’s list, find HBO max working correctly.

5. Impair your VPN

Many people use VPNs to hide their identity or for other reasons. As we know that if you are living in the US, then you can enjoy HBO max’s streaming on roku. In this situation, you need to use the original IP address. However, by using a VPN, your actual IP will not show. So you need to impair or disable your VPN to get smooth and refined HBO MAX streaming on the Roku device.

6. Check availability of HBO max

Many users faced that HBO max is not available on their sets. So there may be an issue with your internet connection. On the other hand, you can check the Down Detector site to see whether other users face the same problem.

7. Report your issue to HBO max

It will be helpful if you share your issue with HBO’s customer care center. Indeed, you can submit your point about the HBO max app not working. Experts will help you solve this issue awe will suggest you provide complete information regarding your problem. You can get a smooth solution to this error.

Report issue on Roku help

8. Watch random shows

Suppose your HBO max program is not working on a Roku device, then you can move to another TV show. Suppose if you find another show smoothly running on the device, then there is definitely a problem with the performance you watched before. Simple restart your device, or you can reinstall HBO max for better results.

9. Clan the corrupted cache

You can remove the corrupted data and cache from the device that can help you to play HBO max on a Roku device without any hassle.

  • Open your home screen and go to HBO max channel.
  • Here Asterisk Button will present on your remote just press it.
  • Press on the remove channel, and to clear the cache, you need to restart the device.

10. Re-login to your HBO max account

Sometimes your current HBO session needs to refresh again. Bugs and technical problems can create issues, so you need to join a new session.

  • Using the browser on the net, you need to log in to your HBO max account.
  • Open your profile and click on manage devices.
  • From the list, you need to find a Roku device and enable the sign-out tab.
  • After finishing all processes, you need to restart your device and log in to your HBO max account again.
Log in again HBO Max account


You can delete the HBO max from your device, but you can clear the device’s cache before that. Sometimes caches can hold previous data that interrupt with HBO max stream.

Maybe your smart TV is not reconcilable with your HBO max account as well as you may have unstable signals of your Wi-Fi. So these reasons can impact your HBO streaming.


Roku device sets are easily used to play HBO max movies and show smoothly. However, if you get any inconvenience, you can follow one of the above solutions. The above guide discusses why HBO max is not working on Roku and its different solutions in detail.

Furthermore, if you try any of them you will definitely get HBO max working on Roku device surely. We hope you will let us know your thoughts about this guide in the comments.

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