7 Best Variations of Freeze Games

What if you could pause time and live in a moment forever? With freeze games, your favorite moments can last longer than the blink of an eye. Freeze games are interactive activities that challenge participants to remain motionless for a set period of time, usually just for a few seconds. These fun and creative games encourage focus, concentration, coordination and self-regulation while providing plenty of laughs as well! 

Not only do freeze games work to sharpen body control skills, they also help facilitate team bonding opportunities within any environment. Ready to find out how your group can explore the exciting world of freeze gaming? Keep reading for some tips on hosting these unique activities!

freeze games

Required Materials To Play The Freeze Game

Playing the Freeze Game requires a few simple materials. 

  • All you need is some music.
  • Space to move in. 
  • Two or more individuals. 

Begin the game by playing some music. As soon as the music stops, everyone must remain frozen and unresponsive while the designated person walks around the circle and chooses someone to continue the game by playing another song. Whoever is chosen must walk to the speaker and press play on the next song before resuming their spot in the circle and freezing once again. This process continues until everyone has had a chance to become “the selector”, at which point the game comes to an end.

Rules Of The Freeze Games

Playing freeze games can be a great way to liven up gatherings and create fun contests. To ensure that each game is fair, it’s important to establish the rules prior to beginning play. 

  • All players must stand in a circle. 
  • When the game starts, all players must freeze in place when the music stops playing or a buzzer sounds.  
  • The game leader will call out commands such as “hop” or “spin”. 
  • Players must obey the commands and perform the action. 
  • If a player moves or breaks the freeze, they are out of the game. 
  • The last player standing wins the game.

7 Variations In The Freeze Games:

Whether you’re looking for a fun activity at a birthday party, a family reunion, or just trying to entertain yourself at home; freeze games can provide hours of endless entertainment that anyone can enjoy! Here are some variations of the freeze games to make it more entertaining.

1. Freeze Dance 

Like a regular game of freeze, but the players must dance to keep up with the music. Put on some music and have each person in the group dance as it plays. After a few seconds, call out “freeze!” Anybody who was still dancing must promptly stop what they were doing and remain frozen like a statue. If someone unfreezes at any time, they are eliminated from the game – though lucky for your participants, you can always let these “eliminated” players back in later rounds if desired. Freeze Dance is an easy but fun way to get a group moving, laughing, and challenged, plus it doesn’t take much to set it up or clean up afterwards. Get your feet ready and jump into this timeless classic with friends today!

2. Freeze Tag

The objective of the game is for one player to be designated as “it” and the others must freeze when they are tagged. One player starts off as “it” and must tag other players in order to freeze them – at which point the game becomes one of avoiding being the last unfrozen player. The fun doesn’t just stop there, as there are many variations to spice up the game. For example, one variation of freeze tag involves each round having a different player start off as “it” so everyone gets a fair chance of tagging and freezing their opponents. Another popular version is “thawing”: when another player runs through (or under) a frozen character, that character is unfrozen and able to continue playing. Freeze tag offers endless entertainment for those with an energetic sense of play!

3. Freeze the Spot 

Players must freeze in the exact spot that they are standing when the music stops. In this game, each player must do their best to dance or move around when the music is playing, but the minute it stops, everyone must freeze in their exact position. It’s a great way for kids to practice being alert and attentive as well as learn about authority and following rules! Players can also get creative with this game by creating variations; for example, instead of freezing when the music stops, you could switch roles so that one group keeps dancing and another group starts freezing; or pause within songs so that players have to recognize a change without music. The possibilities are endless!

4. Freeze Charades 

Players must act out a charade when the music stops and keep a straight face! It’s the classic charades game where two teams take turns guessing each other’s actions, except this time you have to “freeze” when the music stops. Players must stay still in whatever position their action was frozen in, all while trying to keep a straight face! With some simple variations, For example, add an additional element of challenge to keep things interesting by having teammates quickly trade places if the players are able to guess accurately. You could even add unique gestures and props to your mimes to make them more challenging or simply more humorous! There are so many possibilities in Freeze Charades; it’s bound to always be a memorable adventure!

5. Freeze Sculpture 

Players must create an artistic pose when the music or buzzer stops. Freeze sculpture encourages creativity, coordination, and body awareness! It works by having the players move according to the beat of the music or buzzer. When it stops, the players must quickly freeze in an artistic pose. This game can be tweaked to make variations of it more interesting or easier than ever before. For example, certain poses can be required for groups of individuals; pairs or threesomes can act out stories or fables; or the duration of each pose can change based on difficulty levels. No matter what tweak you make to the game.

6. Freeze Maze 

Players must find their way out of a maze while staying completely still. Players must use their wits to maneuver their way through the maze, with the added difficulty that they must remain totally still for the entire time! It can take some practice to master this challenge, but when you do it’s both satisfying and exhilarating.There are many variations in freeze maze games, from skipping turns or giving time limits to changing the route of the maze in each game. Regardless of which version you choose, Freeze Maze promises hours healthy competition.

7. Freeze Limbo

Players must limbo under a bar without moving! Who will be the last one standing? Are you ready for a challenge? If so, then Freeze Limbo is calling your name! This timeless classic twist on the beloved party game will require more than just skill and luck. Players must limbo under a bar without making even the slightest of movements. The last person successfully limboing without moving wins! Are you up to the challenge?Even if you’re not, why not try some of the other variations of freeze games like Musical Statues or Freeze Dance? Just hold your pose and see if you’re the last one standing – who knows, you might win! See if you can make it through this delightful game and have a blast while doing it.

Freeze Games Played By Celebrities

  1. The Ellen Show: One of the most iconic examples of a freeze game played by a celebrity or public figure is that of Ellen DeGeneres. During her television show ‘The Ellen Show’, she often challenged her guests to a spontaneous game in which both parties stop and freeze in any pose they choose when the word “freeze” is said. 

    Though first intended as an amusing gag, thousands of people have since caught onto the trend, challenging each other to much-needed pauses during their hectic day-to-day routines.

  2. NFL player Antonio Brown: Playing freeze tag with a few kids at his football camp back in 2019. It was a fun moment of bonding between the sports star and young children and showed just how popular freeze games can be amongst many different groups of people. 

    In general, freeze games played by celebrities and public figures are generally seen as cute moments that add a bit of lightness and life into the potentially mundane lives we are expected to lead.


I hope you enjoyed reading about these freeze games variations. When planning a party or event and are looking for some fun ideas, consider adding these variations to your game. There are lots of different variations that can be played and they’re sure to get everyone up and moving. Share your own favorite variation in the comments.


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