Mobile Network State Disconnected (Causes and Fixes)

The problem of the mobile network state disconnected is a common issue with many android users. Moreover, the issue of a mobile network state and cellular network not available for calls are not connected to smartphones because it is because of the internet or cellular network. Due to network and other issues, mobile users face many problems. Maybe your mobile phone cannot connect to the internet while mobile data is active.

mobile network state disconnected

Suppose they will not connect to a mobile network. In that case, you will see many solutions that you can implement on Verizon phone, at&t, and Vodafone. In this article, you will counter this issue with step-by-step guidelines.

With time, we moved into the era where technology is everything. We are using modern technology in our daily lives. Mobile phones are the necessary part of existing modern technology.

But with our cellular devices, we face many problems. The mobile network state disconnected is a familiar problem that all user faces. In fact, you have faced this problem, so here we will look at the reasons and their fixes to avoid this issue.

What does mobile network state disconnected means?

This issue happens due to a corrupted SIM card or faulty  antenna. Therefore this problem will directly link to poor cellphone networks and signals of wireless reception.

Due to poor network reception, you cannot connect to the internet. On every try to connect your device to the internet, you get a popup message mobile network state disconnected with ok or close tab. A low carrier network reception can cause this issue, and due to this problem, you cannot connect to the internet.

Causes of Mobile Network State Disconnected Problems:

If you are a user of Tracfone, sprint, At&T, boost, or T-Mobile, then you can face this common issue on your device. It may happen when your phone is on low signals. Any SIM card configuration or reception can cause this issue. For your ease, we are discussing some reasons that are the primary source of mobile network state disconnected android.

 1. Culprit SIM card 

A corrupted and culprit SIM card may be the reason for this issue where the mobile network state disconnected virgin. We see that mishandling or improper SIM card insertion can enhance the issue in many cases.

For this reason, your phone’s network state will not be connected. Sometimes, SIM cards are not activated accurately or may not perform active transactions with the SIM card slot.

 Of course, if you are using a 3G SIM and want to link with 4G connection, you can face a network disconnection issue.

2. Outdated phone device

An outdated phone device that carries old software or hardware can be a source of this matter. Users can face a mobile network state disconnected when they use modern SIM cards with old phones. These outdated and old devices are not compatible with new configurations.

3. Weak reception

However, your device is connected with Wi-Fi but not working correctly. The issue cause maybe if you have weak cellular or Wi-Fi reception. The weak or strong signal receiving will show to you by an icon on your cell. If you disconnect with Wi-Fi and connect your phone with 4G mobile data, you can also get this error.

4. Network or APN configuration

If your phone’s APN and mobile data are not appropriately configured, you can face this issue. Along with this, if you are trying to use the internet and your Wi-Fi router is not configured correctly, then, of course, the problem will show on your device. So we show some methods to fix these issues.

Fix Mobile Network State Disconnected Issue:

Do you need help connecting to your phone’s mobile network? This issue is more common than you’d think, but fortunately, it is usually easy to resolve in steps. Additionally, contacting your Network Service Provider will give you access to the helpful staff who can troubleshoot with you over the phone or through live chat options. Don’t be disheartened; this annoying connection problem has a solution!

1. Network reset for AT &T, Sprint.

If you try to reset the network setting, this process may be helpful, and you can resolve the issue immediately. When you reset the settings of the network to default, then this error will resolve.

 Sometimes you receive complete reception of the network. Still, the internet is not working on your device; you can perform this method to resolve this problem. You can do the same process with another phone because manufacturing is the same with all Android phones.

2. Switch mobile network mode

A wrong selection of mobile network mode can create fuss during your use of your cell. In fact, a 4G SIM card cannot work accordingly on a 3G network.

  • On your android device and visit to settings tab.
  • In settings, tap on network mode.
  • You will see the option (only CDMA/2G/3G/4G). Choose it.
  • then connect to mobile internet data

Some users witness mobile devices changing the mobile selection from 4G to 3G. If you face the same issue, try to change the network from 3G to 4G.

3. Disconnect Wi-Fi connection

To see if the internet is smoothly working on your device, you need to deactivate your Wi-Fi connection from your phone. If the internet is not working it will show the message DNS probe finished no internet on browser. Link your device with mobile data to check whether it is working or receiving the massage mobile network state disconnected. See what steps you need to follow

  • On your mobile visit settings.
  • Go to wireless and network setting.
  • Here it would be best if you disabled airplane mode.
  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi connection and move down to select network mode.
  • Now enable mobile data along with data roaming.

Activate mobile data by continually clicking on the tabWe know that if our phone is connected to Wi-Fi, mobile data will automatically turn off.

This is not just to have internet access, but our phone still connects with Wi-Fi. So doing the above steps, you can disconnect Wi-Fi from your phone, and mobile data will perform internet activities.

4. Recall APN settings

 If you use the internet on mobile data, you should check APN. Because some time incorrect access point network can route the internet to the incorrect server. And then, you can face the issue, so to reset APN settings, you need to perform the below steps.

  • Go to the android settings of your device.
  • Visit the connection bar.
  • Here you need to open mobile network settings.
  • Click on the access point name and open it.
  • Click 3 dots on the upper right corner and toggle the menu.
  • Press the option to reset to default, and APN settings will reset on your device.

To avoid any problem, you need to remove the existing APN settings of the device and obtain default APN settings.

Suppose you want to get default APN settings. You need to remove your sim card and insert it into the device. Otherwise, you can call the network carrier provider if you did not receive an APN massage.

Above all described methods are very helpful, and if you are getting a problem, the mobile network state disconnected. There is no specific message, so you need to check all these methods to fix your issue.


  • You can reset APN settings on your device to avoid this massage.
  • Try to debug your mobile and use the SIM card of other networks.
  • Up-gradation of SIM is a must, so change your SIM card to 4G or 5G as per your need.
  • Check your phone set is working accurately. 

Sometimes mobile networks state is not connected because they did not activate mobile through the carrier. You need to check that your SIM card is correctly active and functions appropriately to handle this issue.


When your mobile cannot access the internet by using Wi-Fi or mobile data, you can face the issue mobile network state disconnected. Now we have discussed in detail some causes like wrong network mode selection, lousy Wi-Fi connection, and poor network, not correct APN, and so on. Nevertheless, we provided you with some fixes to resolve your problem and get hurdle-free internet access on your device without all the above causes.

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