15 Best Games Like Risk for Strategic Fun

Do you love board games and looking for strategic games like risk? If so, you are not alone – since its introduction in 1957 with the French edition La Conquête du Monde (The Conquest of The World), it has become a beloved game worldwide. With its simple yet complex gameplay mechanics, Risk offers players an engaging and challenging experience that is both exciting and rewarding.

Get Your Strategy with 15 Games Like Risk

From board games, we’ve rounded up some great alternatives for your next game night you can play board games as well as some more entertainment games like karaoke to make your night enjoyable. Each of these tactical and strategic options has its unique spin on the traditional classic that will provide hours of entertainment or intense competition – pick whatever suits your tastes best! Read on to find out which games are highly recommended substitutes for Risk. The purchasing links of the games are not affiliate.

List Of Games Like Risk


1. Axis and Allies (Play Time: 3-4 hours+)

Axis and Allies is a board game created by Larry Harris and published in 1981. It challenges players to think strategically, manage resources, coordinate alliances with one another, and, most importantly, outwit their opponents. The game aims to power controls Axis the Allies forces at the end of the game. The battle between both forces replicates World War II as they fight to dominate Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America.

Axis & Allies

Players must also manage their economies in order to create enough armies to overpower their foes. With its creative approach towards strategy gaming, Axis and Allies has become a classic that has stayed popular over time due to its fast-paced environment and easy accessibility – lessons learned during play will transfer quickly into life situations.

Players: 2-5

Complexity: Medium

Age: 12+

Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Designer: Larry Harris

2. Civilization (Play Time: 120-240 mins)

Civilization is a turn-based strategy game that spans the entirety of human history, allowing players to build and manage their own civilizations from ancient times to the modern era.  It remains just as interactive and entertaining as it ever was – each game allows you to develop your civilization from the dawn of humanity to the modern era.


As you explore new technologies, construct great cities, and wage war against other ambitious leaders– the game continues to captivate players worldwide with its engaging gameplay style. With various eras and civilizations available, civilization will entertain any strategy fan for hours!

Players: Best 4

Age: 12 and up

Designer: Sid Meier and Published by 2K Games

Provide: Educational value

3. Star Trek Ascendancy (Players: 3)

Star Trek Ascendancy is a board game like Risk but purely focused on the world of Star Trek. Players take on the role of one of three factions representing their favorite Star Trek races and must battle for control of the galaxy. Each faction has unique abilities and utilizes its resources to ensure thriving galactic expansion.

Star Trek Ascendancy

This highly strategic game includes many modifiable elements and sections, such as exploration, technological development, ship construction, and intergalactic combat – offering endless possibilities for exploration! With an innovative new spin on the classic Risk game, Star Trek Ascendancy promises hours of adventure and challenge for everyone who wants to go where no board game has gone before boldly.

Focus on: Exploration, Diplomacy, and Combat

Complexity: Medium complexity level

Suitable for Ages: 14+

Published by: Gale Force Nine

Designed by: Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski, and Sean Sweigart

Play Time: 2-4 hours

4. Twilight Imperium (Play Time: 6-8 hours)

If you’re a fan of board games and strategy, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Twilight Imperium. Twilight Imperium is a grand space opera game that allows players to control a galactic civilization and engage in diplomacy, politics, and warfare on an epic scale. This expansive tabletop game is often described as a sort of “space version” of Risk.

twilight games

It shares the same style of gameplay and strategic edge while soaring even beyond its predecessor in scale and complexity. Like Risk, the goal is to conquer planets by deploying your forces, yet multiple ways exist to win the game. Up to six players can join in on the mission to build an empire that will last forever in this universe filled with war, science – even politics. Discovering which approach works best for you is part of what makes playing Twilight Imperium so exciting.

Complexity: High complexity level

Age: 14+

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Designer: Christian T. Petersen

5. Dominant Species (Age: 14+)

If you’re looking for a classic board game with a twist, Dominant Species might be the ticket. Like Risk, it is played on a hexagonal gameboard and requires players to strategically improve their power over rival species.

Dominant Species

With innovative mechanics and enhanced commerce, Dominant Species puts an exciting spin on the traditional turn-based play. Players must think carefully about their moves as they spread out across the gameboard and build up points of strength to become the dominant species of their environment. The goal of winning has never been so challenging or so thrilling!

Players: 2-6

Complexity: Medium to high complexity level

Publisher: GMT Games

Designer: Chad Jensen

Play Time: 3-4 hours

Focus on: Area control, worker placement, and resource management

6. Eclipse (Play Time: 2-3 hours)

Eclipse is a uniquely ambitious game that bridges the gap between small-form and strategic board gaming. Adopting elements from classic strategy games such as Risk, Eclipse offers a deep tabletop experience by balancing risk management, combat, and resource gathering. Players become leaders founding colonies and managing fleets in a struggle for galactic dominance.


While featuring enough complexity to engage veteran board gamers, its light playtime rule set makes Eclipse an accessible experience for everyone. With millions of possible paths to victory, players can expect unique and unpredictable games each time they sit at the table, ensuring fun and challenge beyond an individual playthrough.

Players: 2-6 players

Complexity: Complex gameplay and strategic depth

Age: Teenagers and Adults

Publisher: Lautapelit.fi

Designer: Touko Tahkokallio

7. A Game of Thrones (Play Time: 3-4 Hours)

The board game requires its players to battle for control over famous locations from the world of Westeros. Using their armies and cunning tactics, gamers must outmaneuver their opponents to become powerful rulers of Westeros.

Game of thrones

Make friends or make enemies by forming alliances or betraying your allies – whatever it takes to come out on top! With four unique ways to win and countless paths to success, this board game offers something for everyone that comes with just enough challenge to keep each play session interesting.

Players: 3-6

Complexity: Deep and Complex

Age: 15+

Focus on: Area control, Diplomacy, and Warfare

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Designer: Christian T. Petersen

8. Star Wars Rebellion (Play Time: 2 hr., Max 4 hrs.)

Have you ever wanted to live the epic battles of your favorite space-age adventure? If so, then check out Star Wars Rebellion. This strategic game plays like classic Risk, only in a Star Wars universe!

Star wars like risk

You take controlling iconic characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker as you battle each other over control of planets. The game features an innovative card-driven mechanic to have surprises and satisfaction even after several dozen plays. Start your rebellion today; the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance!

Players: 2-4 players

Complexity: Complex and strategic game

Age: 14+

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Designer: Corey Konieczka

9. Blood Rage (Play Time: 1-1.5 Hours)

Developed by Eric M. Lang, Blood Rage is a modern-day board game version of Risk. The strategy and cooperation required to win this game are astounding; every decision is hard-earned and essential to winning. Players vie for glory as Viking clans battle for dominance over resources in the mythical world of Ragnarök.

blood rage

Its unique combination of fast-paced real-time action and strategic depth sets Blood Rage apart. The game features adorable miniatures, deck customization options, incredible clan powers, and captivating artwork that perfectly capture Norse mythology. With so many exciting elements, it’s no wonder Blood Rage has become such a popular choice amongst experienced board gamers!

Players: 2-4

Complexity: Medium

Age: 13+

Publisher: CMON

Designer: Eric Lang

10. Nexus Ops (Play Time: 1.5 Hours) 

Nexus Ops offers an exciting and interactive board game experience. Take on the role of one of seven imaginative races competing for control of valuable crystals. To win the game, strategic maneuvering is a must; players must move their troops over land, sea, and air while keeping a watchful eye on their opponents.

Nexus Ops

Engage in tactical combat on a hexagonal game table and use special powers to surprise foes with unique advantages in battle. All these elements combined create an incredible gaming experience that has captivated players since 2007!

Players: 2-4

Complexity: Medium

Age: 12+

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Designer: Charlie Catino, Steven Kimball

11. Kemet (Play Time: 1.5-2.5 Hours)

Kemet is an engaging strategy game developed by Matagot and widely loved by board gamers. Players can choose from 8 Egyptian mythological powers, each with its unique ability, to conquer the map board. The goal of the game is simple; build weapons and combine their powers to defeat opponents and capture their territories.

Kemet: Risk games

With over 125 kinds of action cards, players can customize the game experience each time they play by choosing the right combination of cards that will win them the war! Building an effective army, strategizing over tactical ploys, and using knowledge of one’s opponent are all essential components in this game, introducing complexity for experienced players without making it difficult for novice players. Kemet is sure to provide hours of fun for everyone as you battle against your foes for domination over Kemet.

Players: 2-5

Complexity: Medium

Age: 13+

Publisher: Matagot

Designer: Jacques Bariot, Guillaume Montiage

12. Rising Sun (Play Time: 90-120 minutes)

Rising Sun is a strategy game similar to Risk’s core mechanics. Players will be tasked with controlling territories and regional provinces on an ever-evolving board. A turn-based approach allows players to calculate their moves cleverly, gaining tactical advantages and undermining the opponent’s attempts at domination.

Rising sun

Featuring dynamic objectives and powerful faction specializations that play off against one another, Rising Sun promises diverse options for many strategies catered to any player. With fast-paced actions and longer campaigns, this title definitely has something for every fan of Risk-style strategy games!

Players: 3-5 players

Complexity: Medium-high complexity

Age: Recommended for ages 14 and up

Publisher: CMON (Cool Mini or Not)

Designer: Eric M. Lang

13. Inis (Play Time: 60-90 minutes)

Inis, pronounced “ee-neesh,” is an intense yet captivating game that reminds players of the classic Risk. A little less complicated than its embodiment, Inis was designed to bring families and friends together with its strategic 2-4 player round-based card game. Players battle each other to control territories in ancient Ireland while looking for ways to please their trickster god, Lugh.

Inis game similar to risk

Immerse yourself in a world of gods and legends as you map out an unpredictable and challenging experience of tactical conquests. Attain victory points by strategically positioning your men to win control of sacred sites and convert them into your holy places. Whether it’s a casual day spent with friends or family or a more severe session with experienced players, Inis promises stimulating fun for all gamers!

Complexity: Medium-high

Age: 12+

Publisher: Matagot

Designer: Christian Martinez

Artwork inspired by: Celtic mythology

14. Godstorm (Play Time: 90-120 minutes)

Godstorm is an engaging, strategic board game and a modern take on the classic games like Risk. Players compete to expand their territory and gain control of four elemental gods. You can play as a single summoner by yourself, compete against others in two to five-player battles, or join an alliance and take on opponents together.


The game features interactive decks of power cards that allow players to influence the flow of the game, while carefully avoiding betting their resources too quickly or taking risks without the strategy. With its simple rules, quick gameplay, and vibrant color palette, and use of dice to represent the actions of the gods. Godstorm is great for gamers looking for a real challenge.

Blend of: Greek and Norse mythology

Complexity: Medium-high

Age: 13 and up

Players: 2 to 5

Victory conditions: Multiple

Publisher: Cyclades Games

Designer: Eric M. Lang

15. Total War: Shogun 2 (Play Time: 60-90 minutes)

Total War: Shogun 2 – board game” is a popular board game, making it a great choice for groups of friends or family. It offers a strategic and immersive gameplay experience that can appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers alike. And it was first released in 2019. The game’s complexity is one of its defining features, offering a deep and challenging gameplay experience.

Total game like risk

It requires strategic thinking, resource management, and tactical skills to win battles and conquer enemy territories. It also includes a variety of different mechanics, including card drafting and area control, that add to its depth and complexity. Total War: Shogun II is sure to hold the attention of any fan of classic strategy games. Step into this thrilling world of tactical warfare and play your way to victory.

Players: 2-5

Complexity: Deep and Challenging

Publisher: Creative Assembly

Designer: Tristan Hall


While Risk is genuinely a classic strategy game, it’s certainly not the only game of its kind. There are loads of intricate and exciting games like risk that require strategic play and intelligent decision-making. If you’re up to the challenge, grab some friends or family, break out a board game, and see who emerges victorious! Not only will you have a ton of fun while playing these modern classics – but with just a bit of thought and planning, risk-taking might just help you to come out on top. 

So take chances and consider the consequences – after all, if you don’t take risks, you’ll never know where the road may lead you! The next time you’re looking for some entertainment, try your hand at one of these thrilling games like Risk.

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