How To Delete An Adobe Account (In 5 Easy Steps)

Are you one of the people who want to delete an adobe account? You’re in the right place. No doubt, Adobe is one of the most loved and used editing software you can ever find. Due to this app, you enjoy creating your creative designs and games mockups like Mario, growtopia, snowbross, etc. and using different cloud apps. and other mobile apps

However, A number of folks have made a fuss that they’re not able to delete their adobe account. Therefore,  I’m going to tell everything about the topic in this article. Deleting an adobe account is significantly easy if you know the right way to do it. 

So, are you ready for learning how to delete an adobe account? If yes then you have to be with me till the end of this piece of writing so you don’t end up missing something crucial.

Without lecturing more, let’s get to the topic.

How to Delete an Adobe Account?

How To Delete An Adobe Account

The people who are new to the Adobe account should know that when you take a free trial plan of Adobe, you have to cancel it before the plan gets over. 

The free trial plan lasts for 7 days, which means you have to delete your account before 7 days, or else, Adobe will change your free trial to a premium one and you have to pay per month for it.

So, whenever you take a free trial plan, make sure you cancel it before it ends, so you don’t have to pay from $9.99 up to $300.

Remember, if you’re a company or an organisation that has this plan, you can’t delete your account, but if you work for any company and you have their adobe plan, then you can delete your account.

Best Time To Delete Your Adobe Account?

If you’ve got a free trial, then deleting your account before the trial ends is essential, or else your premium subscription will be started, and you have to pay for it whether you want or not. So, that’s the best time to delete our adobe account.

Now you know the best time to delete your adobe account, but how do you delete it? It’s easy; I’m going to tell you all the easy steps that you can follow to delete your adobe account. Just follow exactly as they’re mentioned.

Step 1

Before you even think of deleting your account, ensure that you’ve backed up all the important files stored in the Adobe cloud app, Because they may get deleted during the process. Once that’s done, log in to Adobe’s account.

Step 2

privacy screenshot step 1

Then, As you’re logged into your account now, it’s time to head over to the delete account option, which would be a bit down there. Click on it and hit continue.

Step 3

delete account screenshot

Now, a deleting window will be shown on the screen asking for your agreement to the deleting process. Don’t just hit okay; go through the message completely and see whether or not you should click on agree. 

Because there might be something you don’t want to get removed or deleted from your account, or it can be anything that you’d not want to happen. So, it’s better to read the message entirely and then agree to the message.

Step 4

step 4 delete adobe account

People who don’t have any subscriptions can simply continue to delete the account. But, the conditions will be different for both enterprise and an individual plane. 

If you’ve taken the subscription from any organisation, then you have to click on the leave organisation. On the other hand, if you’ve taken the subscription to adobe individually, you can click on the Cancel plan option.

Step 5

adobe final confirmation

Now, a final prompt will be shown on the screen that will ask to delete the account. The first prompt would be like, “Final confirmation and the second one would be like, Yes, I understand and want to permanently delete this Adobe account.”. 

There will be another option which is “Confirm delete the account, so just click on it and the deleting process will get started.

Once the process gets completed, your adobe account will be deleted. However, there are a few significant things that you need to keep in mind. about your adobe account. I’m going to answer all the possible queries that might have already come to your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How much time does the Adobe Account take to get Deactivated?

A lot of people have been asking this question over and over, how long does it take for the deactivation of the adobe account, so hear me out. Usually, the time it takes is from 8 to 10 days minimum, which is not that much. Or is it?

Q2: Does Adobe have a Cancellation Fee?

Yep, there is a fee that is charged when you cancel the plan. But, there are two conditions. If you’ve taken the annual plan and paid for it, adobe will refund you your fee. But, if you’ve passed 2 weeks or more, then the fee will be charged. 

So, it’s better to do it before time, so you may not end up losing your money.

Q3: How much Fee does Adobe take for the Cancellation?

This is another most frequently asked question: how much fee will you have to pay for the cancellation of your subscription. 

Assuming you drop in the span of 14 days, you’ll be charged a level amount of half of your leftover agreement commitment, and your administration will go on till the finish of the following month’s charging period.  

Customers in specific countries should contact Customer Support for retraction purposes.

Q4: Is it possible to transfer the adobe license to another Computer?

Luckily, you’re allowed to transfer your license to almost any computer you want but on one condition, you’ll have to give the license and the activation. 

You also get an option to download the program to another machine on the off chance that you don’t have an establishment CD, provided that you purchased Acrobat straightforwardly from Adobe.

Q5: Can uninstalling Adobe deactivate it?

What some people do is, whenever they want to deactivate adobe, they just uninstall it just like other apps believing the account will get deactivated. 

However, there is nothing like that. The adobe will get installed, but the license won’t get deactivated unless the adobe itself does it for you.

Q6: Is the Adobe Account Free?

Adobe offers two services, free and paid. The more significant part of Adobe’s free services is for individual use, while some are for business use. 

For instance, you can make a free Adobe ID get to free preliminaries of Adobe items. Download free text styles, and gain admittance to other free assets. 

In any case, if you need to utilise Adobe’s further refined feature. For example, making PDFs or utilising Adobe Stock, you’ll have to buy a premium membership.

Final Thoughts

Hey there adobe users: I hope now you know how to delete your adobe account properly. Look, go through all the above-mentioned steps carefully because they’re very important. If you miss any of the steps, you may end up making a loss. 

Also,  read all the prompts that come on the screen during the deleting process and then take action. If you have any confusion in mind, put them down in the comment section. I’ll be there to help you out.

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