What is Tinder Shadowban and How to Fix it? (2023)

 Oh, innocent guy, you’ve been on Tinder for quite a long time now but didn’t get any matches. Why is that so? Are people not liking you enough to think you‘re good enough? Does it mean you’re not attractive enough or have put on a lousy profile? 

Pull yourself together, mate, all of these questions are futile to ask. The Reason which keeps you from getting matches on tinder is something else that you don’t have knowledge of. Girls/Boys keep you from being liked by tinder shadowbanning you.

Some individuals believe that ban and shadowban are the same, but that’s not a thing at all. They both are as different as water and oil. I’ll tell you in detail about them both. 

tinder shadowban

Why does it happen? And who makes it happen? And how can you solve this problem? Aren’t these questions that you’re curious to know the answers to?. Making an account on tinder is easy; 

you just head over to it, sign up, choose a name for yourself, set up the profile and you’re good to go. You have to obey the limitations anyhow, or else your profile will be shadowbanned.

If these are your questions, you couldn’t possibly land in a perfect place like this one. So, make sure to be with me till the end of this article so that you can finally start getting matches of beautiful people.

Without even further ado, let’s head over to the topic.

What is tinder shadowban?

Tinder may be a dating site, use to find the matches to talk and chat somehow similar to the online web app Omegle. But due to having a massive amount of users, they don’t compromise on the security of the platform. Shadowban is like a punishment that the app gives you when you go against their rules and regulations.  Just like Facebook and YouTube, tinder shadow ban you, but the way is a bit different.  

Tinder shadow bans you but still allows you to use the account, giving you access to it while hiding your profile from other users on the platform. Therefore, you never get any matches, and you stay single. 

Oh, it’s sad, isn’t it? The tinder app punishes you in two different ways, first is when you can see the matches, use your account, and even can send messages to people. But they don’t respond to you, which is shadowban. And second, it bans your account, which may stop you from using the app overall.

How to figure out tinder shadow banned?

How can you find out if you are shadow banned on Tinder? Researching hard about it reveals the consequences that you may experience.

I’m going to mention each of them, see if you’re facing them. If you’re, then you’re shadowbanned.

1) Fewer Responses from the matches

Another admonition side effect is disinterest from the people you attempt to coordinate with. When you’re shadowbanned, you’re no longer visible to the people, so if your profile is not visible, then people don’t respond to you back. 

So, if you’re not getting any response from the matches, it clearly shows that you’ve been shadowbanned.

2) Fewer matches

How many matches did you have initially? If you had more but have less now, it means you’ve been shadowbanned. This is one of the most familiar indications that you’re shadowbanned.

3) New account with exact details

At first, tinder used to allow its users to make a new account with the old details. However, in a recent update, tinder has changed that policy. Now, if you use old details in your new account, you’ll get shadowbanned. 

So, see if you’ve used any old detail in your account, if so, then you’re probably shadowbanned.

4) Issue warning

tinder warning screen shot

Whenever tinder finds that you’re violating their rules and regulations, you tend to get a warning message from their side. If you just got that message once, you don’t need to worry. 

However, if you have consistently been receiving these types of messages, it means that your shadowbanned.

5) Limited profiles

I know there is a limit in the tinder app of you seeing profiles, but when you’re shadowbanned, you rarely get any profile to look upon. 

Like you’re scrolling to find someone who can make you double from being single, but just after scrolling two to three profiles, you don’t have any profile left that you can see. So, this is another sign that you’re shadowbanned.

6) You rarely get likes and comments

As stated earlier, the shadowban makes your profile invisible to people. It’s no longer shown to a majority of folks who are using the tinder app. Hence, you don’t get more likes and comments on your post. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

How long does Tinder shadowbanned last?

Now you’re shadowbanned, but how long will you not get matches? That might be your question. Sadly, once your account is shadowbanned on tinder, you won’t get unbanned almost forever. 

The only way to get unbanned is to create a new profile and then start looking for a beautiful queen or a king. But, you don’t need to worry, I’ll give you a good solution of this problem.

Why do you get shadowbanned?

Some of you might be thinking that you’re not lucky enough to get the matches of the people or you’re not beautiful enough to be on tinder. Trust me; there is nothing like that. 

There is something that you’ve done that went against the rules of tinder; that’s why they’ve shadowbanned you. What could the reasons be? I’m going to mention all the causes below so that you can be careful in the future.

You went against tinder’s guidelines.

Terms and conditions are the things that most of us ignore while using any account. Therefore, you’ve done something like:

  • Scamming people
  • Nudity/Sexual content
  • Harassment
  • Violence and Physical Harm
  • Hate Speech
  • Private Information
  • Spam
  • Promotion or Solicitation
  • Prostitution and Trafficking
  • Impersonation
  • Minors

Why don’t the tinder app ban you directly?

You must be thinking, Why doesn’t the tinder app ban you completely? It has to shadow you and let you use their platform. 

Well, it’s because, to use the tinder app, you have to buy a premium subscription, and if tinder bans you directly, you’ll get mad at them and unsubscribe from the subscription. 

So, tinder plays a safe game and saves their other users from getting disturbed while you are on their platform.

account under review screenshot

How’s the ban different from shadowban?

In shadowban, tinder lets you be on the platform, send the text to the people, like their posts, comment, and even follow.You can do nothing when you are banned and no longer have access to the account.

You got reported many times.

Just like Facebook and YouTube, when the users report any account rapidly, then the Tinder app shadowbanned you as it doesn’t want its users to be comfortable. 

SO, make sure to be nice to everyone while using not just Tinder but also the other social media platforms. Because, when you are nice to people, they’ll be nice to you.

You’ve been restarting your account again and again.

When you restart your account several times, tinder thinks that you’re doing something wrong therefore you’re restarting your account. And it takes strict action against you by either banning you or shadowing you.

When you text a lot of people.

When you keep disturbing others by texting them and again, this is another move that makes tinder mad at you. And it takes action against You.

What’s the solution of shadowbanned?

Especially when you have been shadowbanned several times, not making it easy to come out of a shadowban.

When tinder shadowbans you, it keeps an eye on every action on the platform; it makes sure that you don’t come back on the platform ever again. 

Never use your old information when making a new account, as it lets Tinder know that you were the person who got kicked by it before.

Contingent upon your gadget and the membership you pick, this involves setting up new email and Facebook accounts, as well as another telephone number and Google Play or Apple ID. 

Try not to connect any of these to any of your earlier Tinder accounts before you start resetting the application.

How to reset your tinder account?

Resetting your tinder account is not a difficult thing; just follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

  • Begin by deactivating/deleting your Tinder Account — Flip over to the settings.

tinder account delete screenshot

  • Look down until you see “Erase your record.” Click on it and deactivate/delete your record.

          tinder account delete screenshot            step 3 tinder delete

  • Remove the Tinder app from your phone.

remove app screenshot

  • Then factory reset your phone.

      factory reset phone            reset phone screenshot

  • Get your eyes on a new sim card.
  • Avoid using the old goggle and play store account on the new phone, and use a new one.
  • In the new phone, reinstall the tinder app from the play store.
  • Once the tinder is installed, You to create a new account.

And you’re done. Hopefully, these steps will help you to come out of the tinder shadowbanned.

Now you know how to get out of the tinder shadow ban and what thing causes it. We will give you some tips that will help prevent your account from getting shadowbanned in the future. So, if you don’t want your profile to get tinder shadowban in the future, read on a bit.

Save yourself from getting shadowbanned.

First of all, read the guidelines of the tinder app and follow them. In spite of that, there are other things that you can follow to protect your account. I’m going to mention them below; make sure you follow them.

  • Make a decent account with a non-offending bio and profile picture. I’ve gone through a lot of tinder profiles with a nasty bio and profile. Like, some people have used curse words in their bio and put their profile picture a kind of offensive. You will directly get shadowbanned for this on Tinder, which is unacceptable.
  • Avoid spreading negativity and nudity on the platform. Don’t share and post content that includes nudity and negativity. Like talking about other people’s religions and cursing them by abusing them, this is not acceptable at all.
  • Try to be friendly to the people who you coordinate with and don’t disturb them while sending too many texts.
  • If someone doesn’t reply to you, don’t disturb them by texting again and again. You test them continuously in vain if they are not replying to you, indicating that they are not interested in talking to you.  In this situation, Either the user reports you or tinder itself bans you when it finds out that you’re disturbing the users.
  • Don’t make nasty comments on other folks’ pictures. When you don’t like someone’s profile, instead of commenting badly on their post, ignore it and move on. People tend to report your account, leading it to get shadowbanned, when they read your bad comments. Also, when several people report you, the tinder apps ban you completely. This means,, you won’t Have access to your account pretty much forever. So, make sure you don’t do that.
  • Avoid posting adult content. This is a thing Tinder pays a lot of focus on; it ensures that people are not posting adult content on the platforms because it’s offensive for a number of users. You might be enjoying it, but trust me, people don’t. If you do so, tinder bans you completely so that you don’t do so again.
  • Try to be as much active on the app as possible. What some people do is they make their account on tinder and never use it; this is also something that can get you tinder shadowban from the tinder app. So, try to be more active on the platform. 
  • Don’t try to be over smart by uploading other handsome people’s pictures and their details just to get more matches. I’ve seen many doing so. They think that they’re able to fool tinder up but they don’t even know that tinder didn’t only have to find it out but also have shadowban them. So, upload your own pictures and details so that you seem to be an authentic person who’s not there to spam anyone.
  • Don’t scam people. Some people go to such a platform for scamming people, scamming to get their money or something, you’ll get tinder shadowban. Do what you‘re supposed to do on the platform.

Point to Note

Hey Tinder user, I really appreciated that you read this article here; I hope now you know a lot of things about tinder shadowban. Also, you know how to get out of it and be safe in the future. You‘re not supposed to do whatever you want; tinder is a dating site. 

They have proper guidelines and regulations that you must obey to use the platform. Dating means you can make relations with people; it doesn’t mean you’ll offend them by sending filthy kinds of stuff or messages. 

A more pro team keeps an eye on every little and big activity you do when you use not just Tinder but any social media platform, so never think that you‘re hidden.

So, be nice to everyone and know the purpose you’re on that platform for. If you have any doubts in mind, put them down and I‘ll be there to help you out even though I don‘t think there is something left that I forgot to mention.

Now I want to hear from you, How long have you been on tinder shadowban?  We highly appreciate your comments.

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