How to Hard Refresh in Chrome, and in Other Browsers?

Is your chrome running slow? You’re in the right place. The era you live in has become more advanced than you think. Even browsers like chrome are equipped with so many amazing features that get the work done, but you don’t know about them. 

Like, when you first visit a website, then it takes some time to load. However, when you visit that site again, then it loads faster than it did the first time. 

Do you know why? It’s because chrome has an advanced feature installed in it, which creates a copy of that website’s page so it can load it faster whenever you open it again. This way, the page doesn’t take so much time to load.

But, at times due to having any issue you have to do a hard refresh in your chrome. What is hard refresh and why do you need to do it? I will cover everything related to it in this post. So, read till the end.

Let’s dive into the topic. 

Why is it Required To Hard Refresh Your Chrome?

We’ve just discussed that the chrome stores that copy of the website page that we visit the first time so it can load it faster in the future. These web pages are stored in a cache. This term would not be new to you. 

Indeed, this feature makes the page loading faster but creates some problems at the same time.

Let’s say you’re a web developer or you’re someone who makes changes to the website pages; then if you have a chrome’s cached version, then you won’t be able to see your changes on your website. 

Because the copy of the website page is already saved in the chrome, which will be shown to you whenever you visit that site,  It can be a very annoying problem at times. To clear that cache, we do a hard refresh which helps us to get rid of the already saved pages and download the fresh content.

But, now comes the question: how do you Hard refresh the chrome browser? Read on to learn.

How to Do Hard Fresh in Chrome?

You can easily do it just y following  below-mentioned steps

The Method

  • See at the downside of your keyboard, press the CTRL Button, and then click on the Reload button.
  • Or, Hold down Ctrl and press F5.

And you’re done. But, the method may be changed in different devices and operating systems. So, how would you refresh Chrome on mac? 

Hard refreshing in Chrome on Mac

The steps are again too easy; just follow the below-mentioned steps.

The Method

  • Hold the shift key-click and hit on the Reload button
  • You can also do it by Holding down Command, Shift, and clicking the ‘R’ key. Your chrome will be hard refreshed in your mac system.

Doing Hard Refresh in Mozilla Firefox

Not all of you are using Chrome; some of you must be using the Firefox browser as well. So, I’m going to tell you some of the ways to hard refresh in this browser using different systems.

For Windows And Linux Operating Systems

The Method

  • Press the Ctrl key and then hit on Reload Button
  • Or, hold the  >Ctrl and >Shift> R.key

Hard Refreshing On Mac in Firefox

  • Press on the shift key and then click the Reload button.
  • Hold the CTRl key and then click on Reload Button
  • Or, hold >Ctrl and >Shift and then click on the > R.key

Hard Refresh if You’re a User Of Internet Explorer

This is another Internet browser that a number of people use. Therefore, I’m going to tell you the ways to hard refresh on this Browser as well using different Systems.


The Method

  • The process is the same, just Pusch on the CTRl key and then press the Reload Button.
  • Or, hold >Ctrl and >Shift and then press> R.

On Mac

  • Hit on the CTRl key and then press on Reload Button
  • Or, hold >Ctrl and >Shift and then press> R.

Doing a Hard Refresh On Microsoft Edge

The Method

  • When you’re using the Microsoft Edge internet browser, then you’ll have to do it manually. How to do a hard refresh when you’re using Safari on your iPhone, IPad, or mac. The methods are mentioned below.

For Mac

The Method

  • Press on Command, Shift, and click the ‘R’ key. Your chrome will be hard refreshed in your mac system.
  • Hit the shift key-click and the hit on the Reload button

For iPhone/Ipad

Obviously, while using an Ipad or iPhone, you won’t have any shortcuts to hard refresh your Safari Browsers, so you’ll have to do it manually by digging into the settings.

The Method

  • Head over to the settings of your iPhone/ Ipad, and search for the Safari app. You’ll either get the app on the handlist shown on the left side or by scrolling down a bit.
  • When you get the browser, hit it.
  • And, then in the left handlist, find the option named“Clear History and Website Data.” Once found, click on it.
  • Then, you’ll be asked to verify whether you want to do this or not. Also, it will let you know that by doing this, the history from other devices using your iCloud account to sync the Safari browser.
  • So, just okay it or hit any option to agree if you really want that to happen. And boom, your Safari Browser will now be hard refreshed.

Point to Note

Hey Folks, I hope now you know how to hard refresh in chrome and in almost all the browsers out there. Even if your browser was not included in this article, then still you can apply the same methods. 

I’m sure they will work for you. The keys might work differently but the way would be the same. I made sure that I’m mentioning everything clearly so that anyone can get it. Cleaning the cache of your browser will be good for you in many ways. 

Like, your browser runs faster, performs smoothly, and doesn’t get lagged or stuttered. Whenever you feel that your browser is slowing down, you can simply give it a shot, it will surely resolve the issue. If you have any confusion, you can talk to me in the comments.

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